• The Central Coast Watercolor Society announces Aquarius 2020, a California Open Watermedia Exhibition, to be held February 19 - March 30, 2020, at the Art Center Morro Bay, 835 Main Street, Morro Bay, CA.  The juror is Mike Bailey. 


"Half Dome" copyrighted by Bill Gault - Artist

Congratulations to the artists who have been selected for the Aquarius 2020 Show

Abraham, Patricia                             Rendition in Green

Amyx, Chet                                       Windmill in Cayucos
Benton, Harwood                              In the Gloaming
Bettencourt, Cathy                           Pretty in Pink
Carichner, Scott                                 Moroccan Tourguide
DeLong, Sarah                                   Misty Morning Walk on the NW Coast
Doud, Rena                                         Moods
Fleischer, Philip                                   Pismo Fisherman
Formia, JoAnn                                     On Guard at the Rock
French, Jan                                          The Haight in '68
Gilman, Mary                                     Former Piedras Blancas Light Station
Godachy, Jan                                      Dog beach
Graeber, Page                                    Relationships
Grahek, Michael                                  Dana Adobe
Haste, Pam                                         Dory Fly Fishing on the Colorado
Hawthorne, Marcie                            Wild Cardoon Meadow Magic
Johnston, Diann                                 Meditation
Kappen, Larry                                    Wind Trails
Kilbey, Blaire                                      Mystic Realm
Kopecky, Mary                                   Fall Harvest
Leggett, Marion                                 Sunflower and Three Vases #21
Li, Ji                                                     Chillin'
McNeil, Sandra                                   Marsala Salt Flats
Moseuk, Pat                                       Rusted Through
O'Brien, Mari                                      Night Watch at the Wall  
Osko, Mary Ann                                 Portrait of A Moment
Parsons, Leslie                                  Lionfish
Perry, Jeanette                                 Wade's Dogwoods
Rebstock, Marsha                             The Pier
Richard, B.K.                                       Barley Sifter
Schneider, Edie                                  Ascending The Tree Of Enlightenment
Seitz, Rosanne                                   Catching the Afternoon Light
Smith, Jerry                                       Redrock Pallet
Soenke, Patricia                                 In the Early Afternoon
Swanberg, Ardella                             Harbor Storm
Teague, Mike                                      Spooners Cove
Wolfe, Maureen                                 Technicolor Cow
Wright, Janet                                     Going Places

Exhibition Calendar
February 14-17              Receiving of shipped paintings   
February 18                   Receiving hand-delivered paintings,    10am-noon at Art Center Morro Bay  835 Main St., Morro Bay, CA
February 19                   Exhibition opens
February 20, 21 & 22     Workshop with Mr. Bailey
February 23                  Opening Reception 2:00  to 4:00 pm, Awards and     Signature Membership​
March 30            Exhibition closes
March 31            Pick-up hand-delivered work 10 am to noon

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