June 2020 Members Only Show Information!


Entry Deadline: Midnight, June 23, 2020

The theme is "Outside the Box, Try Something Different."  This year we are encouraging members to stretch their creative talents and try something they don't normally paint. For Example: If you consider yourself a landscape artist, maybe think about trying an abstract landscape or even something completely non-representational. You get the idea. Or stretch even farther if you are up for the challenge. Try a portrait!  

Artists may use subjects, materials and techniques, from experimental to traditional, to represent the theme.  The goal is to encourage support for watermedia painting as a vital, enduring and expressive medium.

Basic show rules. Theme is "Outside The Box"

1. One (1) Painting for each CCWS Member.

2. Original work only.

3. No size requirements.

4. Entry by members only.

5. CCWS members will judge the show for winners.

6. Email the digital submission of your painting - jpeg and the name of your painting. You do not need to rename your jpeg identification.

7. Image should be cropped to show only the painting; no matting, background or frame allowed on the image.

8. Image must represent the painting exactly. No computer modifications please.


Calendar for June 2020 Show


June 1.    Online Entries open

June 23  Midnight - Digital submissions due

June 24 11:00 pm - Virtual show posted on ccwsart.com website with voting link on the show page.

June 29  Midnight - Voting closes.

June 30  Midnight - Winners posted on ccwsart.com website.

Show to be posted on June 30, Midnight.