CCWS Paint-Ins NOW Every Monday.


  • Nipomo Community Presbyterian Church 9:00 am – 12:00 noon. Located at 1235 Thompson Avenue, Nipomo. FREE as part of your dues. 
  • Please sign up weekly by using the button at the bottom of this page so we can set up enough tables for everyone. 
  • What is a “Paint-In” ? Try new techniques and try new things. Be inspired and motivated. Make new friends. 
  • Time: We start at 9:00 am and usually clean up between 11:30 – 11:45 am. 
  • You can bring a finished painting or whatever you are working on and share. Our critiques are positive and gentle. 
  • Who can Attend: Active (dues paid) members. 
  • You may invite a guest to introduce them to this CCWS event and If they want to continue they will need to join CCWS. 
  • Sign-Ups: Each week you will receive an email invitation to the Paint-In. You just need to fill in your name, click the the appropriate button and then click submit. 

Membership link to weekly sign-up sheet.